Free academic record linkage software

Merge ToolBox (MTB)

The GRLC maintains the Merge ToolBox (MTB), a free academic record linkage and de-duplication program written in Java. Features of MTB include probabilistic and distance-based linkage techniques. MTB is free for academic use only.

Download MTB here
Download the MTB manual here

Software from previous projects:


We developed a protocol for determining string similarities in a privacy-preserving manner (Safelink). The main idea is to store q-grams from identifying strings in Bloom filters using cryptographic hash functions (HMACs). Note that Safelink is free for academic use only.

Download Safelink here
Download the Safelink manual here


Test Data Generator (TDGen)
TDGen is a pre-built workflow for KNIME, allowing the user to insert errors into test data for Record Linkage testing purposes. There is a publication including an installation guide for TDGen.

Download TDGen here


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